A chatbot is a wonderful tool used by online businesses or internet marketers to automate online chat. The major advantage is that a sales funnel is in place without the client noticing which makes it easier to gather leads and qualify clients. Everybody that has a website or facebook page should have a chatbot. Studies have shown that in some cases the addition of a chatbot can have an immediate conversion improvement of over 300%. We are going to have a look at different tools that allow you to build your own chatbot for either your website or Facebook Page.

Motion AI. If you are comfortable with a bit of code and process you can use theplatform Motion AI which allows you to build great chatbots on most platforms at a very competitive price. You only need limited coding experience and you can build quite complex chatbots with database functionality. Simply put you can give customers access to their records without them having to speak to an actual person. The beauty of this is that you can still run all the required security checks.

If you prefer a simpler straight forward solution we will look at 2 options. One for your website and the other for your Facebook Page. These are super easy to setup and manage. The functionality of these bots are less complex than Motion AI but if your main goal is to collect leads these options will suit you perfectly. You can set them both up and have them live in less than 30 minutes.

OptinChat – Optinchat allows you to place a chatbot directly on your website with the focus of gathering leads. The system integrates seamlessly with mailchimpwhich allows you to send automated emails from the moment the client has opted-in. Optinchat is super easy to use and has a great user interface which shows you the data collected. Optin chat also allows you to have different chats for different page sections. This is great as it allows you to focus the chat on whatever the client is looking at. If you do not have a chatbot for your website Get Optin Chat Now.

Socibot Socibot allows you to add automation to your Facebook Messenger. This is great for gathering leads and answering FAQs from clients. This can save you tons of time. It also benefits your reputation as responses are immediate. Socibot can be used by anyone. It is easy to setup and integrate with Facebook Messenger. Once it is completed you can integrate with the same mailchimp campaign as OptinChat or a new one, the choice is yours. Get SociBot Now.

We have implemented both these tools on our sites. We collect on average 600 leads per month from these two tools alone. They are a must have for any online business and the best part is they are very afforable to purchase with no monthly hosting or subscription fees. Try these tools out for your business. If they do not work for you you can simply have them refunded. No risk.