What is a Chatbot?


A chatbot is an automated chat app that simulates normal chat interactions on various platforms such as websites, facebook messenger, skype, twitter and others.

The benefits of this technology are :

  • Better Support to Clients
  • Serve more Customers Simultaneously
  • Get Better Converation Rates
  • Collect Leads
  • Automate the Sales Process

Most businesses have many recurring support queries. These can be handled by a Chatbot that answers frequently asked questions. If the chatbot is unable to answer a question it can direct the client to a live agent. This allows the business to handle more queries at once and offer better support to clients with less employees.

For lead generation a chatbot has a much higher conversion ratio than traditional forms. Clients are more likely to hand over their contact details to a chatbot than enter them into a lead capture form. On a test we recently concluded, the addition of the chatbot increased leads by 210%. This is not only because of the nature of the interaction but also because the chatbot acts as an additional Call to Action element.

In cases that where limited human interaction is required for sales a chatbot can complete the entire sales process. The chatbot can give recommendations to clients as well as offer one-time discouts and squeeze tactics such as scarcity or limited time offers. A well developed chatbot can fulfill the function of multiple emloyees and increase leads, sales and customer satisfaction.

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